Christmas this year was good, really good. I look back on it wistfully, especially when I still see trees in other people's windows, and ours is down now.

The snow added magic that I find myself missing as well.

We had my sister-in-law here, all the way from Bend on Christmas eve. That day we made the yummiest sugar cookies that we all later frosted and decorated. They were left on our Letter to Santa plate. Let's just say they put a few pounds on Mrs. Claus's thighs.

Julia and her dad worked on many Christmas carols. She sang, he accompanied her on the guitar.

We watched The Nutcracker and were quite captivated.

We got out for a great walk on Christmas day.

We had only received a few of our online purchases in time for Christmas, but it didn't matter to the kids. It came anyway, just like it did for the Whos down in Whoville.


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