Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Helps To Know What You're Entitled To"

Today my husband discovered that not only does Intel provide him, as an employee, with a complimentary peice of fruit each day*, not to mention unlimited free beverages daily, his Vault Card gives him discounts on many many area restaurants, some which we patronize.

I am working on the computer when he begins listing them off.
"If we ate at Arby's, we would receive a free Regular roast beef sandwich with the purchase of a regular fries and drink."

"By the way, at Carls Jr. we could receive a free star burger with a purchase of the same sandwich at a regular price."

"All those times we were ordering from Garlic Jims we could have been getting 20% off."

"You know we could have our groceries delivered by Safeway? Three dollars off, with my vault card."

Later, "We should be getting 10% off our T Mobile Bill each month."

"If we want to eat at Merchant of Venice, we could have a second order for free. Same for Orenco Station Grill. 20% off at the new "FU" place. (PHO)"

I can't stop laughing. Not that I'm not grateful for all the deals Intel gives us.

"Back country.com," he bursts, "50% off?!?"

But then his voice BOOMS: "10% off all services at Larry Miller Honda plus free pick up and delivery service!! They should be coming and picking up our car and then bringing it back to us when they're done AND we should be paying less."

My husband figures had we been using the 20% discount his vault card earns us at Pizza Schmizza, plus dedicatingly employing the Pizza Schmizza punch card, shucks, we'd have a paid vacation to Hawaii by now.

Oh the perks.

*I have seen a random orange littering the road near his office, presumably tossed from a car by a cackling, disgruntled employee.....

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