Sadly, I have no photos to share. Just words, about a wonderful cultural experience we had today. We went and saw Lineage Dance perform. My sister-in-law Meghann is one of the amazing dancers in this group and they WOWED us today with their performance. It's one of those experiences you can't really explain, except that while I was watching, I was just so full, so moved, so amazed, so captivated. Both my mom and I welled up at different points. My husband was completely blown away. My daughters sat rapt the whole time. (Well, except for when Jooge was shouting, "Meghann!" hands outstretched). The gift each of them has for dance is something I want for my girls. Imagine being able to do something creative with your body and soul to make themselves and others happy. Also, Lineage performs to earn money for other non-profit organizations, which is super super cool. Today they were dancing for Growing Gardens.


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