This fall the girls have been enrolled in two different sessions of swimming lessons that just wrapped up the other night. For three to five year olds, our city pool offers four levels of Catfish classes. Avery started Catfish 1 in the spring right after she turned three and then took Catfish 2 twice this fall, passing on to Catfish 3 the other night. Julia took Catifsh 3 and 4 consecutively this fall and successfully passed on to Frogs! Held in the deep water, she had some reluctance and anxiety about swimming lessons the whole time, but I'm glad I didn't let her quit. Gone are her Catfish days! Swimming lessons have been so good for both of them. They are WAY more comfortable in the water than before and can do all sorts of things. Bread sticks and Icees were their treat the other night after their last lesson.


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