This was the view outside our house this morning, and the snow continued to fall all day. What a treat! Tomorrow's Thursday and the kids won't have had school all week, and may not Friday, either. Basically it will amount to a three week vacation.

We've been busy indoors, fending off the restlessness that comes with being cooped up. We've watched several episodes of Kindergarten, which is the best show! The show documents a class of kindergartners and it is full of richness! The kids and I watch it together and really enjoy it. Since Julia is IN kindergarten, I think it especially resonates with her, but I also enjoy just watching the classroom stuff, being a teacher and all.

Julia made a ton of melty bead creations which we turned into ornaments.

Avery played in a box.......

and built this super cool castle.

We've also been reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and finished that today. Cute book. I don't think I've ever read it before but love how it has sequels, as we will no doubt enjoy those, too.

We bundled up and spent about a half hour in the snow today. Our snowman came together in about ten minutes.

Snow angels, check!

And now, Daddy's off work to join us. Woo hoo!


Anonymous said…
Snow at my house was too fluffy for snowmen and it was too cold. Shear ice to the freeway so commuting was an adventure. Got chains now so let the snow fall. m

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