We went for a family walk in the snow last night. It was so deep and not too freezing, but with a three year old in tow it was a little dicey at times. (I guess walking through the layers of ice wasn't doing it for her). Things improved once we walkled on the road, which was cleared of drifts and ice.

Anyway, I am loving the snow and don't want it to go. We need to be out playing in it more, while it's here, but then again the snow doesn't need us to do anything, it's just there, a beautiful backdrop as I've worked on several projects that needed to be done for Christmas. In the last two days I've knit a hat, made a lined tote with matching key fab, turned a felted sweater into a scarf, and made a new skirt for our Christmas tree. I have kid's nighties left to go and a scarf to knit before Christmas. Talk about a Christmas crunch!

I talked to my dad on the phone tonight, (he's called ME the last few days) and while I was reading to the kids tonight I got this panic about losing him. We will lose everyone we love sometime, but when your dad has brain cancer, it's more of an iminent threat. I started thinking about the MRI that was scheduled for the 8th but then that got rescheduled for the 17th and then cancelled and rescheduled for the
24th and how maybe he already had it but didn't want us to know, and maybe they finally said what they say in movies, like how long, and maybe he knows and when I talk to him on the phone and he says, "I'm just calling to see how the weather is," he's really calling because he won't be able to much longer. The imagination of a daughter whose dad has cancer, it's a terrible thing. He offered to pay halfsies on a surround sound system and we haven't given him an answer yet but I want to say "YES!" for the same reason he made the offer to begin with, because the kind response seems like the only response right now. My heart is heavy and The Family Stone would make me cry but we are about to watch Burn After Reading. Last night we watched Step Brothers. Will Ferrell will always make me laugh.

This post totally reads like an e-mail, and I muse at the fact that the snow seems to wash the formality from things. You watch the news and the reporters seem more like real people, having genuine little conversations about snowboarding in the middle of a weather report, which I love. They're acting like they should act every day, because they are relaxed, because the city is shut down and when things are shut down, anything you do is okay. The pressure is off. The snow takes the edge off everyone and everything, even a blog post. Every blog post should feel like a mind-clearing e-mail. Well that's what you get tonight anyway. Happy Winter!
Snow Sculpture on 4Runner, created by my husband

Look how much we got!


Anonymous said…
It is all but a memory now. Boo Hoo Happy New Year Semmelroth family. Aunt M

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