Crafty Recap

The holidays have come and gone and with them the usual creative projects were launched but never documented due to how alternately busy, then lazy I was.

I made a whole slew of flax filled neck pillows, pictured above, warmable in the microwave, and quite addictive. I followed Blair's tutorial here.

I made a new skirt for underneath our Christmas tree. I made it up as I went, using the little houses I'd originally cut out for ornaments as the houses around the edge, and following a tutorial here for finishing it.

Kid friends and family received t-shirts with appliques.

I made the girls matching nighties in time to wear on Christmas eve. I've wanted to do this every year but this is the first year I made their holiday pj's. I'm not a big fan of sewing clothes using a pattern, so this was a huge undertaking and I'm still not absolutely thrilled with the result. I used this pattern.

I knit hats for my brother Andy (pictured in orange) and my husband for Christmas.

I made a scarf for my brother out of a felted sweater.

I made a tote bag for my sister-in-law.

At the old Christmas tree farm we used to go to, there was a little store in the barn and they had these really cool chestnut garlands that I would always oogle. I figured one day I would get my hands on some somehow and this year that sort of happened, in the form of a trip to Goodwill. I found a garland someone else had already made (yes, chestnuts with holes already in them!) studded with wooden stars and wound with a gaudy ribbon. I clipped it apart, dissassembled it, and strung the chesnuts on a beading thread.

Then I spent the rest of the vacation making absolutely nothing and enjoying it. :O)


Anonymous said…
I'm loving my flax neck warmer. It is a nightly treat to myself. New flannel nightgowns were always on the docket at Christmas when my girls were small. Christmas was put away at my house this weekend and only the memories remain until next year when I pull them all out and pray for a White Christmas once again. Aunt M

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