I Have Been Waiting for This For a Long Long Time

I can be the queen of lazy parenting. At bedtime, sometimes I am so done I just want to be DONE.

So you can imagine how happy it made me when Jooge wanted to read to her younger sister before bed tonight. You want to read to your sister? SURE! Cue the music from the heavens.

As I sit at the computer, non-neglected child that it is, I hear Julia shouting from the bathroom, where she's taking a quick break from reading because she, "Just had diarrhea because she had gas," which she shouted out to me in case I was curious why she was perched on the pot.

I hear her say, "Hey Avery, do you have any questions about reading? To begin being a reader, you need to know words like mat and cat and sat. Tomorrow I'll give you a spelling test and I'll see what you know. I'm gonna give you some tricky words. Just come here if you have any questions."

Loving every minute of this.


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