We got down to my parent's the weekend after Christmas for a great celebration with them. It is always such a trip down memory lane to be at their house at Christmas. Here are a few of my favorite things.

This ornament was made in a series of clothespin ornaments my mom made when we were kids. This ornament was supposed to be me.
I just love these pine cone ornaments. There are hazelnut ones, too.
This ornament, a manger, we always liked to hang right by a light on the tree, so the light was a little beacon in the corner of the roof, a star of Bethlehem.

My mom made our stockings back in the day. This one is my dad's. Isn't it rich?
Ours were made in waves. You can tell the brother's were made at the same time, and mine was made when my mom made my dad's and hers. Forgive the side view. I've tried uploading it a million times horizontally but it would not work.

This is my brother Ryan, who brings a lot of joy and excitement to family get togethers. He's a true favorite aspect of each of my Christmases at home. As is my mom.
It was especially good this year to have time at Christmas with my dad.

And of course my own dear family makes me smile.


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