I Suck at Blankets

One of my friends recently had a baby and I thought that the perfect present would be a homemade baby blanket.

I had the above fabric already, something bought to make Julia a poncho that I knew was never going to be a poncho. I love the fabric and it's super soft, textured like a microfiber. I had the satin binding to go around the edge from a grab bag of sewing notions I found at Goodwill long ago.

I got out my iron and ironing board, which meant "I'm getting very serious about my sewing project."

Then came the cutting, because I wanted a small square, about 33" to a side, and had quite a bit more fabric than that. I tried to use my yardstick and fabric pencil but that was a joke, the fabric was too fuzzy. Then when I tried cutting it was impossible to cut a straight line. I kept having to correct it. Ughhhh. NIGHTMARE!

When I began to sew the satin binding on the edge, it was pitiful. It looked ghetto, it stretched funny. I caught it in the right spot on top but then underneath it would require another line of stitching to hold the binding down. The whole thing made me so irritable! There was inward screaming.

I was covered with fluff, as was the floor, and midway through I threw the #*$^% thing away and bought a blanket at Target for $12.99.

There. Much better.


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