Oh heart day. How you came and went with such a flourish.

The kids had great parties at school replete with Valentine pockets full of love (and candy). The above Valentines were the one I made for Julia and the one Avery's teacher made for everyone in her class. So cute!

Avery and I spent the afternoon helping in Julia's kindergarten classroom for her Valentine party and I came home completely wiped out. How exactly am I going to go back to teaching full time? Woah. That's going to be interesting.

My Valentine was sick, but he got me candy, Hershey's Pot O' Gold candy to be exact, when Valentine's was all over and the shelves had minimal offerings. They were like half off! Thanks, hon! (Said with chocolate filled cheeks). I made Valentines for my little Valentines, and my big Valentine's said, "Ceci, n'est pas un valentine." It helps not to PUSH the holiday.

On Valentine's Eve we watched Can't Buy Me Love when the kids were in bed. That movie is so rich. My brothers and I quote it often. "Now that ain't Dick Clark!"

Hope your heart days were pumping full of burning love.


Anonymous said…
Still looking for that "hunka,hunka,burning love"! mrl

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