Keeping It Real, Monday

When you're a mom, your need to pee is never top priority. Like today for example. I came home from multiple errands and I really had to go. When I got into the bathroom there was a bunch of TP in the toilet so I flushed first. I watched the water rising higher and higher in the bowl and panicked. Would cleaning up an overflowed toilet waylay my chance to pee? Thankfully, by quickly grabbing the plunger and plunging while flushing, nothing overflowed. Wouldn't it just figure though that when a mom really has to go, right before she can the toilet overflows so she has to clean it up first?


Maureen said…
Oooh. As a mom in a house full of boys, I ALWAYS have to clean the toilet prior to its use.

Keep It Real Mondays are always my favorite posts!

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