You Sly Dog, You. Let's Go Golfing!

Many people are very ANGRY at Jason for his behavior this season on The Bachelor. For those of you who don't watch, he picked Melissa and then ditched her after six weeks, claiming that things between them were different once the show was over. Not only that, but he realized he had fallen in love with the other finalist, Molly, too. He decided a relationship with her would be better for him. Molly is the woman pictured above in blue.

This my friends, IS reality. It's not the Bachelor's fault that things worked out this way, rather the fault of ABC and their show for setting things up as they do and expecting the results they expect. Add the idiots who believe that this Bachelor thing is a winning way to meet someone and fall in love and you've got quite the recipe for a big fat joke, especially when you look at the Bachelor's track record.

If I were in charge of the Bachelor, I would require ABC to make a few changes.

1. Feature several bachelors so the pair-ups would occur more authentically.
2. Allow the couples to keep dating once they are down to their final three so their decision at the end is based on having spent more time together.
3. Require both the Bachelor(s) and women to show up at the Rose Ceremony in jeans and t-shirts, and in the morning sans make-up, like maybe have a surprise wake-up rose ceremony.
4. Let the men and women do everyday things together, (forget a date!)so that their expectations about life after the show are realistic.
5. Do not end the show with a proposal. This way, nobody will care if things don't last.

Here's the clincher: there's my attitude about the show and then there's my refusal to stop watching it. I get sucked in every time . I am one of the idiots that wants to believe in it.

My favorite woman this season was someone who did not win, Jillian. Though I was rooting for her, I actually thought that she was too good for Jason, and it all worked out for the best because she gets to do it all "agAIn" (pronounced the Candian way) as the next Bachelorette.

And I'll be watching.


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