This budding leaf is proof that spring is indeed here, despite the wicked weather we've been having. Me, on the other hand, I have not been here,as in HERE in blogland, for a while now. My poor, poor neglected blog.

Just when I thought I need not spend another minute glued to the computer, I went and joined Facebook. That's right, I succombed, after a period of time purposefully NOT succombing. It's been so great but it is a total time killer. I will post more regularly one of these days, and report on my baby turning four, and other general tomfoolery.

In the meantime, if you found Mommatia via Facebook, or if you are a regular visitor, (it's time to delurk all two of you!) please say hello in the comments! I am planning a giveaway (that would mean something made by me and given to YOU) to a lucky randomly chosen commenter at the end of this crazy month called April to celebrate it being OVER. As crazy as April has been, it's still got a little crazy left lurking in the shadows.

Good luck! Happy Spring!


Anonymous said…
Here I am, Tia! But you already knew I lurked from time to time. If I can't see you around the neighborhood more than three or four times a year, at least I can follow your family's activities right here. I so enjoy your thoughtful musings on everything. Thank you, too, for confirming my decision to avoid Facebook! I hope the birthday girl had a happy #4.

Anonymous said…
Greetings one of the other groupies. Great to see an update here. My lunchtime has not been the same since you left blogsville. I do enjoy the facebook musings however but I spend too much time when I get there. Happy Monday Tse! ~m
Anonymous said…
You KNOW I lurk--can't help it. I loved the Posie Bishop's Close post--thANks for thinking of me. And FB--like/hate relationship. My strategy is to not give into the self-induced pressure to look at it every day. I like it better once a week! Love ya, Cornelia!!!
toddderrick said…
Looking forward to more tomfoolery! :o)
Anonymous said…
I don't truly Lurk, I'm more of a constant reader who wasn't sure how to post a comment so just sent email instead. If it's comments you want, comments you'll get! Kiss that birthday girl for me.
Anonymous said…
Tia...I bookmarked your blog after finding you on facebook. Love reading about you and your life. Facebook can get addicting, but I have to say, your blog is something special. Enjoy the rest of the week! Love being back in touch after all these years!!!
Shelli :)

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