Friday, May 01, 2009

Who remembers My Friend Jenny and My Friend Mandy, the famed Fisher Price dolls who sprang to life in the 70's? No doll has a sweeter face, I say.

I recently found My Friend Jenny swimming in a sea of stufed animals at Goodwill for $1.99. She wasn't dressed, she was a little musty smelling, and she needed a facial, but after giving her a bitchen new hair cut (that looked better wet and slicked to her head) and de-molding her face, she cleaned up really well. Mandy, who was my favorite doll as a kid, finally has a friend! If only someone would take some comet to her face.

I especially like the idea of a brunette doll in the house, as I have a brunette daughter who only wants golden haired dolls. What's up with that?


Emily said...

oh my gosh! I remember those dolls, I think we only had the blonde one, though. I may have dumped her in the garage sale last year. :( Where are the red heads? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

These two dollies look like Jooge and Avery!!! Am I the only one who thinks this???