Saturday, May 16, 2009

All Things Small

You name it, if it's about little ones we'll be into it! We uncovered The Littles and Their Friends in a box of my old books. What a treasure! In it are maps of The Littles and all the other small people that live nearby in the woods or the dump. There are the Trash Tinies, the Ground Tinies, the Brook Tinies and the Tree Tinies.

As a young kid I totally remember reading The Littles Go Exploring and then when we were in the woods I'd spy creekbeds that looked as though they'd be a perfect place for the Brook Tinies to live among the gnarled roots. Now, having read The Littles and their Friends, we were inspired to read our first Littles book: The Littles and the Trash Tinies. After that Julia was really interested in creating little spaces for the littles, finding bottle caps for them to use as dishes, etc.

It was the same with the Smurfs and Julia has been known to look for Smurfs in the woods.

Stuart Little was enjoyable, a story of a mouse two inches tall.

We also watched The Gnome Mobile the other night, a Disney classic!

I think maybe we'll investigate the Borrowers next, in the spirit of the wee ones.

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Anonymous said...

I have all my old Littles books, too. Time to read, 'em!!! We enjoyed Little House and the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie, recently. And of course, Charlotte's Web, one of the best read-alouds ever, with writing so good it made me weep (could barely get thru the last paragraph about how 'it's rare when someone comes into your life who's a good friend and a good writer. Charlotte was (sniff!) both.') Ahhh, books! xoxo, cher