As much as we LOVE books, it is only at birthdays and Christmas that my kids receive new hardcover children's books from me. In the meantime we add to our collection gems from Goodwill and of course most books we read come and go from the library.

That is why it was an extra special treat when Avery's grandparents from Michigan sent her Powells credit for her fourth birthday. What fun she had going book shopping one afternoon with Mommy. She came home with six beautiful new books that will be favorites in our collection for a long time! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

One book that we came upon that we just HAD to buy, was new and unexpectedly sitting on the shelf just waiting for us:Little Oink! Like Little Pea and Little Hoot, Little Oink features adorable illustrations and an ever-so-endearing text about a character at odds with their reputation. Little Pea hated candy. Little Hoot hated staying up all night. And little Oink hates keeping a messy room.

Check out book trailer about Little Oink. It's very worth owning.


Anonymous said…
What fun to go book shopping at Powell's. Did you girls ride Max and have hot chocolate also? ~m

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