Camping has become a great pastime for our family. Over Mother's Day weekend we went camping at Cape Lookout State Park, a campground new to us located very near Tillamook on the Oregon Coast. Our site was wooded with huge spruce and a stream just steps through the forest. Here are some highlights from this weekend's trip:

The kids befriended some slugs. Yes, Julia is letting this slug slide on her hand.

The forest there was full of interesting nurse logs. The nature hike in the park features many unique trees. This tree reminded me of a Wooly Mammoth.

The girls crossed the creek atop a huge fallen log.

My camera has a "foliage" setting. It really enhances the green.

The branches on this tree grew into the ground and then back out again as trees.

I kept seeing these cool ferns all curled up.

Avery and I had a fitness walk on the beach.

The park features many yurts as well nestled into the woods. So cozy!

We saw a bunny and it retreated into these bushes.

We ate our lunch at the day use area right on a little cliff overlooking the ocean.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, family!


Anonymous said…
I can smell the fresh air as I read this blog. What a wonderful time you must have had. I am curious, 3 pics were blocked because of nudity, lunch on the cliff, fitness walk, and curled ferns. I will have to check it from home not sure what that is all about downloaded the wrong pictures. Hummmm. ~m

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