Mix Maker Mix Maker Make Me a Mix

In college I remember riding in an old green Datsun with my big sister in the sorority house. We were listening to a tape, a "mix" she'd made. The way she put music together made me love every song. The Rolling Stones chanted, "You can't always get what you wa-ant..." and I was hooked.

I made my first mix tape soon after that. I didn't just enjoy putting together songs, I also loved making the mix covers. My mixes were many. I think I made around 80-something for me, and many for family and friends. I probably made my last one, "Even Moms Make Mixes" when Julia was a baby. After that, the mix-making dwindled. I still make "playlists" now and then on an ipod. But the days of mix-making are over.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning the garage and found my box of mixes, which I haven't been able to get rid of. Some of the more clever titles are: "The Chex Mix," and "I will call it, 'Mini-Mix.'" I've dusted off my Sony tape walkman to give some of them a listen while I work out. The plan is to keep my ultimate faves and then try and replace any songs I love and don't have digitally.


Anonymous said…
I have a number of those mixes from the days when your dorm room was in my birdnest. Still love pulling them out now and then. ~M

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