It's finally happened, something I've feared for awhile. Julia came into my room and announced, "Mo-om, Avery cut her hair."

I just KNEW this was going to happen. Every time Julia asks to use scissors in her room I let her and then quickly reclaim them. And this time? Not the case. Avery, spending many a moment in the glory of her sister's space, found them and went to work with them.

I raced in to see the trimmed hair decorating a pillow. It looked like she cut a lot and yet she must have gotten a bunch from underneath because in some ways it's really hard to tell where it came from. There's an obvious hack out of the bangs. There's another chunk whacked off the side.

I've got to call Theresa, hair babe extraordinaire who comes to your house for haircuts. I'd already been thinking about taking Avery's hair a bit shorter. Now, I guess it's time.


Anonymous said…
The moment I saw that picture I started laughing so hard. Tell Avery I love the new "do"! ~m

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