It's Friday!

This has been both a long week and a satisfying week. I am happy Friday is here, promising relief from the to do lists. It's also a good time to look back on all I accomplished this week, including signing the kids up for summer classes, outfitting Julia for the summer, vacuuming the car of kid crumbs, exercising a few times, grocery shopping in preparation for a camping trip, organizing my counter space(above), helping in Julia's classroom, finishing knitting a hat for my friend Amy, mailing a package to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day, filling prescriptions, voting, attending an important preschool meeting, meeting friends for coffee, talking to my friend Molly who just had a new baby boy, listening to Julia read every day, watching Zach Braff's last epsidoe of Scrubs (sniff!), talking to my mom, helping clean up the preschool parking lot that was full of wet newspaper and helping set up for the Spring Tea.

On tap for today, one last to do list: a trip to the library, exercise, snagging some movies for a Mother's Day movie night, laundry, packing for camping and perhaps a creative project. I am looking forward to a weekend camping trip with the family and a trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for some fresh ice cream. I'm going to leave you with a mission: visit The Long Thread. She does an Etsy Finds post every Friday featuring wonderful things she's spotted on ETSY. She has great taste! Happy Friday!


Anonymous said…
Have a great camping trip. Happy Mother's Day. I will be taking a trip to The Long Thread. ~m

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