Latest Library Finds

Written in rhyme for the two to five crowd, Posy is a very simple, sweet book about a cat. The illustrations, as usual, were what caught my eye.

The illustrations in The Umbrella Queen are done in linolium print and pencil and colored in an array of bright colors. That alone makes it a treasure. You are also given a gift in the story, a tale of a small child who is given the proper tools and opportunities to contribute in a way she dreams of contributing. Her talent leads her to do things her own way and she is eventually recognized for it. This book is geared for kids aged five to eight.

There Was a Wee Woman is told in rhyme and features the old women who lived in a shoe and how she and her bunch try to relocate to a new home. Again, the illustrations pack a punch, but so does the dilemna they find themselves in: where to live? A bucket? A birdhouse? The pocket of a shirt hanging on the clothesline? The resolution to this story? Very pleasing.


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