The End of the Path, For Now

Sometimes when the girls have a good day they say, "I want to go back and start today all over again." I feel that way today.

Today was Avery's last day of preschool for the year. I never liked the last day of school as a kid. I felt the same as a teacher and feel the same now as a parent. There are the joys of it, like your hard work is done, you've got something to show for it, you have your school supplies at home (how strange!) to use. On the flip side the circumstances will never be the same. I'm sentimental and cling to those familiarities: the people, the combination of people, the bonds you've created.

I love giving thanks to hardworking parents, acknowledging the dedication and commitment that so many people in a cooperative preschool put out there.
Today, as President, I got a thank-you that surprised my heart and really touched me. All 36 families gave me a wonderful card with tons of sweet messages about the job I did this year, a copy of Alicia Paulson's Stitch in Time book, (a gem I didn't yet have), and $100 to spend at Fabric Depot! I totally cried when it was given to me. I was the one being thanked! The generous gesture lit me up.

We look at our kids every day and don't see them getting taller. Today another mom friend who worked in the classroom had to measure the kids height and see how much they'd grown from September. She told me that Avery's height had changed the most this year. I marvel at that because not only was she making leaps and bounds physically, her comfort level and confidence was growing rapidly as well.

As President I grew. When I was first considered for the job I felt terrified. A high school teacher once described me as timid, and this timidity and fear definitely had held me locked in what was comfortable. It was my husband who supported the decision in a way that made me feel like I was completely capable and should do it. I assumed the job, and as the months went on I felt more comfortable as our leader. It was a new role, but it was never too much.

After preschool Avery and I hit the park and had some fun. She got to run and swing with her pals and I got to look for rose pine cones with them and talk with other parents. For three years we have been a part of a very special preschool. In her final year there next year, Avery will meet new friends and grow more. I won't be as necessary to the big picture, but I will always be necessary to the whole. She and I are guaranteed so many gifts from the experience of being a part of it.


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