As a kid, we lived in ten different houses between the time I was five and 18. I went to five different elementary schools between kindergarten and sixth grade.
It explains why all the muscles in my body tense up when I find out that they are selling the rental house we live in and we have one month to move!


We have been lucky to have this rental for four and a half years at a pretty good price. I am not sitting well with the idea of an intermediate change before we buy a house. I am really a creature of habit. I love our neighborhood, house, the proximity of everything, etc.

I am going to try and embrace the idea of change, very directly, that we did not plan on. I really hate the idea of Julia going to a new school but I guess that doesn't necessarily have to happen. I know there are other good schools, too.

I was just hoping the next change we made was to buy a house, not to rent a new one.


toddderrick said…
It it within reason to buy the house you're renting? Would you want to? It would save them from having to get a realtor (or two!).
Anonymous said…
EEEK! Tia, I haven't checked in in awhile and here I find this dreadful news!! Listen, there are other options in the neighborhood. Don't go! I'd miss you. If it has to happen, please be sure to let me know where you end up...

scrapweaver said…
Hi Tia, I am sorry you are loosing your home! Todd re connected me with your blog and e-mail. I will write soon!
Michelle (weaver) Houghton
Anonymous said…
What about "rent-to-own"? With the market the way it is right now there may be some little cottage out there calling your name that the owners would be willing to work with you on??? You just never know what is around the bend. Miley, put on your Lucky jeans when you go house hunting. (that's what they are for right? good luck) Life is an adventure. You never know what is around the next bend. ~m

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