Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My husband said his favorite thing about being a father was listening to his girls sing in unison. The girls favorite thing about him were, "When he took us to the sea lions,"(Avery) and how "he always gives us treats when mommy's gone,"(Julia). One of the things that I love about him as a dad is that he is so excited to see his kids when he comes home from work every day.

We spent Father's Day this year at one of my husband's favorite places: the beach. We got to enjoy three nights at a vacation cottage in Arch Cape which we bought at our preschool auction. Lots of exploring, time at the beach, and relaxation. Daddy also got some new Lucky jeans (which he looks so great in!) and a hummingbird feeder. Thanks for being a great dad hon! We love you!

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