Monday, June 01, 2009

Ten Ways To Cook Up Some Honest Fun

1. Make a plan to hang out with long time family friend Shauna J.
2. Report to Vogue Nails for pedicures, choosing Conga-Line Choral and Finja, a beauteous Metallic grey
3. Drink iced coffees
4. Report to Goodwill stat and stay for hours and hours realizing
a.) Goodwill is much more fun to hit with a pal
b.) I am usually in and out of Goodwill too quickly to ever really scope the shelves
c.) Challis hunting = good times
d.) Goodwill has earrings? And what's up with all the FAN shaped earrings?
5. Leave Goodwill with many a groovy purchase, having bonded with Thomas Brown, Goodwill Checker Extraordinaire
6. Report to Salvador Molly's for yummy Macho Nachos and Fish Tacos
7. Accompany meal with Mango Margarita, Mojito and serious conversation
8. Venture towards the Starlight Parade downtown Portland whilst chewing some delightful polar ice gum
9. Stand in line at Safeway to use the bathroom, deciding the animal on Shauna's bracelet is, indeed, a "PYUOOMA," and making some new friends who enjoy running(noticing, silently one woman's perfectly coiffed hair)
10. Hope to sit peacefully and watch the parade, but instead greatly anger a lady when wedging selves into a gap near her son
11. Feel sheepish
12. Have a hard time enjoying the parade especially when the fifth grader sitting next to me keeps coughing on me
13. Finally relax
14. Get the heebie jeebies when millions of Star Wars Storm Troopers and Darth Vadar appear out of steam (Come to think of it, even the massive high school bands were creeping me out a little, they seemed to serious and sinister!)
15. Head home at 11, pleased with the day

We Found Moon Shoes! Moon Shoes! Totally had a pair in college. Now, so does Shauna.

After donning a precious blouse that reminds her of her grandmother, Shauna takes pause, her Challis poised as she ponders her current dilemma: should she buy the Lani Anderson book, My Life in High Heels, or just check it out at the library?

What's that in your hand, Shauna? Could it be a genuine Avon aftershave encased in a Quail-shaped bottle? Be still my beating heart.

Stay tuned for our next adventure, when we hit The Building Supply Salvage Yard and train for a 5K. Aw yeah!

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Anonymous said...

...and what an awesome day you picked to hang out. The weather was perfect. Have you decided what color tu tu you will be wearing in the 5K next year? ~m