All Avery did was ruin Julia's Lincoln Log cabin. Julia got rough and a few fierce kicks later her sister had a mini-shiner.

Julia had her requisite time on the step, we talked about what else she might have done that would have been safe, she spoke with her sister, (sweet hugs and a sorry ensued) and then she had to come up with a consequence. She decided that she would write her a letter, with six or seven sentences, saying she was sorry. What follows is her letter, complete with her spelling. Things are over and done now, and hopefully next time she stops herself before black eyes follow.

Deer Avery
I am soree abwot the I. I am mab abowt the log hows. You shood be mor carfl. I promis to not do it agen. I am saing soree in this ledr. wuns moor I sa soree. Frum Julia


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh! I am dying! That picture of Avery is killing me. I have tears running down my face. What a sweet letter Julia wrote. Those two, I tell ya! ~m

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