When you schedule stuff for your kids in the summer, you never really envision all the driving to and from involved, the busy days that will result. I was fairly zealous in signing them up this summer and though next week will include one more week-long art camp, we've nearly arrived at the end of the madness.

First there was nature camp for three days in June. The girls LOVED it. We just finished four Wednesday afternoons of Trampoline and Tumbling. We are treated to demo after demo of hilarious tumbling moves performed on their beds. Today also rounded out two weeks of daily swimming lessons. Avery is in Catfish 3 and Julia moved from Frogs to Goldfish during her class. I have enjoyed sitting in the shade reading my book and watching their progress. I won't miss trying to find a parking spot, or just needing to be somewhere every day, but hauling them to these activities has only helped them develop new skills and confidences.

Throw in other things like play dates and doctor appointments, story time and grocery shopping, Tuesday market and life! Add all that comes with a move and things have definitely been busy for us. Crazy busy. And our weekends? Full, every one of them. We are definitely going to crash soon. August, I predict, will be our month to crash. Maybe in the midst of crashing there might be a trip to a roller rink and maybe a lemonade stand but top priority: RELAXATION. Hopefully I'll also get some hammock time when my husband installs my hammock somewhere in our new expansive yard(hint hint). Just thinking about all the stuff we've been up to makes me tired!


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