Today I'm having my allergies tested. The girls, allergic to peanuts at this point, will be having theirs tested on Thursday. To do allergy testing, you must stop taking your allergy meds for three days. I miscalculated and so I will have had four days off the Zyrtek, with a dose of Benadryl on Sunday for relief because you are allowed to have that more than 24 hours before the testing.

I am SO ITCHY, it's AWFUL. Whatever it is I'm allergic to will reveal itself today. I will enjoy knowing, but in the meantime, oh, I've suffered. My back is covered in scratches and hives. I itch all over. What is up with this?

When I had Julia the pregnancy ended with the WORST ITCHY RASH I've ever had. Pupps, I think they call it. Sounds terrible, and is. Then after I had Avery I was basically covered with hives all the time and went on Zyrtek. It's going to be good to get to the bottom of this with both myself and the girls.


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