Today We Did Vegetable Prints

It might surprise those of you who think me a crafty lass that I am very apathetic when it comes to crafting with my kids. It is a rare day when I haul out an actual art project for the beautifully worthy artistes in my care. We just don't do it enough. Let me tell you, it is always worth doing, though. They love it. Look at the focus!

I was very aware of all the 4th of July crafts out there on the internets, but me? I don't think about art projects like that. I see the possibilities in the vegetable stems left behind upon chopping up some serious crudites. It's like that each time I cut up broccoli, my mind imagines how cool it would be to make vegetable prints,but this time I didn't throw the stems away. I also had pepper tops, complete with handles, how convenient, and an old potato that I carved into two stamps.
T'was totally worth trying. An art project a week, that's what I'm aiming for this summer.


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