We've Moved!

We are officially moved into our new house! Now it's just time to unpack and clean the old house. We've already done a ton to make our new rental livable. The kitchen is put basically unpacked except for the pantry. The beds are assembled with bedding. We've started to unpack the playroom. Today the internet/t.v./phone was hooked up so we are again in touch with the outside world. It's all coming together!
Here are a few little snippets:
1) Grandma came to hang out with the girls all weekend: best idea ever. She kept them poolside and occupied while my husband and I worked really really hard.
2) Our new house has this pair of doves that hang out in our tree, backyard, and roof. We love them.
3) We had a wicked yellowjacket nest right near the front door. One of our neighbors brought us jam and got stung! Thanks to a pest control guy we should be bee free in four days.
4)We have a yard Mowing and edging, and pruning, oh my! Bring on the loppers!
5) My husband and I are sharing things we previously didn't: a walk in closet,an office, pictured above, and one sink in our master bath (when before we each had our own). I think it's going to be good for us.
6) Can I just say A/C rules?
7) This new neighborhood is grand. Little trails all over for bikes. We can't wait to go riding and explore. There's a nature trail for the school. Perfect!
8) I found this sweet U-Pick flower stand in a residential area on the way to our new house-it is AWESOME. $6 for a huge bouquet. I love the whole idea of putting your money in the honor jar and coming away with some choice blooms. I bought them to thank my mom for her help with the girls but she left them here!
9) The blue heron above was a present from my mom for my birthday. She got it for me at the Olympia farmer's market. I LOVE it. I can totally see it from my kitchen window, sticking out of the reeds.

10) We have the greatest deck. We have so enjoyed it already. Still working on a hammock locale.
11)I get to watch The Bachelorette finale tonight in our new house! My "Dudes" made it to the end! I like both Ed and Kyptin but I hope she picks Ed.


Anonymous said…
I can't wait to babysit in the new digs. How sweet is that deck and yard!! I love the Heron in it's spot. It all sounds magical and rejuvenating. and A/C, at this moment in time that is the best perk of the move. Have fun!
toddderrick said…
Congrats on the big move! I BING'd your address to see where in the world you are... and you're close to my sister's (on Jette Lane off of Baseline)! Small world! Another small world story... I also emailed Bachelorette Ed today to Congratulate him on winning Jillian's heart in the finale last night. Turns out, he works at Microsoft in Chicago! "Technology Consultant" -- HA! He's an enterprise territory manager (AKA sales guy)! :)
toddderrick said…
p.s. Happy Birthday!

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