What kind of crazy person blogs in the middle of packing and preparing for a move? I guess the same kind of person who, when faced with packing the final boxes makes a coconut cream pie.

I really love coconut cream pie, especially when it's made from scratch. My dad made me one for my 17th birthday and it was the best tasting pie I've ever eaten. I guess it's both in memory of him and also of how good it was that I decided I wanted to make one. I was originally going to make one for my birthday next week but 1) I couldn't wait and 2)I figured the necessary kitchen utensils would still be packed.

Fast forward to the late afternoon and I will just tell you that my pie making endeavor was a complete flop. I didn't cook the filling long enough for it to thicken properly so it is completely soupy. The filling is also a touch too salty, with not enough coconut flavor. When I was making the whipped cream I was also talking on the phone. I left it whipping on high for no more than two minutes and when I came back the heavy cream had become butter. I had to make a second trip to the store for whipped cream.

What good came of this? I got the pie making out of my system. I don't need to try it again. Best of all, I don't have to worry about all the calories I'll be consuming.

It's safe to say that my attempts at distraction are failing me miserably and that there's not much else I can do to put off the joy of packing the final boxes. Rest assured the next time you hear from me I'll be moved. Phew!


robyn said…
wow a coconut cream pie.
Remember Mary-Ann use to make them on Gilligan's Island can you please post the recipe I have never had one and don't thing I have ever come across a recipe ever
I'm new to your site it's great thank-you robyn

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