August is in full swing and our new rental is feeling more like our home just in time to resume our enjoyment of summer during its dwindling days.

We got these Expedit shelves from Ikea for the playroom. I can't tell you how long I've wished for storage like this to organize all their toys. It's a huge improvement to have things sorted and put away. I'm very happy with it. The big square drawers on the bottom are from Target and the baskets are from the dollar store.



I worked on the yard a bunch last weekend. My husband bought me pruning shears that came in handy pruning our roses. So satisfying and addictive to work in the yard. I liked it as much as my husband liked mowing the lawn!

We really needed a rug to go underneath our kitchen table, because it sits right on brand new fancy carpet that we didn't want to ruin. Ikea helped us out there too, for a very reasonable price given the size of the rug. Rugs are not cheap!


We are very close to ordering actual bedroom furniture for the girls! I'm thinking we're going to go with Macy's, as they have the furniture I'm liking the most after having perused all the other stores like Costco, J.C. Penny, L.L.Bean, Land of Nod and Pottery Barn. It's between the Summer Breeze Scroll Top Bed and the Summer Breeze Sleigh Bed. The girls are fans of both. Which one would you pick?

Yesterday it actually rained for the first time all summer! We stood on our covered deck in the dark listening to the rain. It smelled like the spearmint and lavender that grew at our feet. Next week I will register Julia for first grade at her new school! She hopes she gets a teacher, "as sweet as Miss Honey." (She's been listening to Matilda).


Noah and Wendy said…
Will you get two of the same beds? They both look sweet, but the scroll top one reminds me of Avery and the sleigh bed reminds me of Julia:) The playroom looks fabulous with all that storage now. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Personally, I love the Sleigh Bed. But, Wendy has an idea. Buy one of each. When the girls tire of their look they could switch beds and create a new look for their room. Excellent job on the pruning. A yard does offer therapy in many ways. Whenever I go out to do something, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know I have been out there till it gets dark. ~m
arti said…
Hi MommaTia, a friend of mine directed me to your blog and i read that you were looking for a way to get some of my music. Im not sure how he found the post but it was exciting for me to read about some interested ears. I would be happy to send you a CD or I could send you a zip file that you could upload onto your computer. Let me know. Thanks! Arti
Tia said…
Arti, If you read this, I would LOVE a CD or zip file! I love your stuff. Thanks for writing!

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