It was our first official weekend in the new house and we took off. My husband went camping with a friend and we three girls went down to visit Grandma. Here we are pictured in a nectarine orchard where we scored many sweet and tasty nectarines. We were in the neighborhood pool every day. We also enjoyed the neighborhood wildlife. Here a turkey flock makes a pass through the yard. Ry and I had some good laughs over our Altoid "teef." Oh the fun that can be had with a good mint.

Now we are back and settling into the new pad. I had a very productive day yesterday getting the kitchen totally unpacked and cleaned. We had some time in the neighborhood pool. Now the playroom needs to be tackled, and by tackled I mean "wrastled" to the ground and tied up, quick-like. It is a monster task given we also need some smart storage solutions for toys etc. I am probably going to invest in something like this, which is what I've been wanting for the play space for a long time. I'm thinking of finding some choice baskets to put in the compartments, maybe. Someday I'll grace you with some before and after shots so you can see what it's like now and what it will become, once wrangled. In the meantime, the girls are LOVING their outdoor play space. They can go out into a big back yard any time and play on the equipment and run around. As I type they are singing Do a Deer at the top of their lungs while swinging. What mother isn't loving THAT? Here they are enjoying the sprinklers last week on a super warm night.


Anonymous said…
Cute pictures of a few summer days well spent. Love that nectarine orchard. What fun to just stand and eat ripe nectarines off the tree with juice running down your chin. Yum! Looking forward to a tour of the neighborhood on Friday nite. Are we still on? Aunt M

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