We got up to the cabin again this past weekend. My friend Molly met us up there from Seattle on Saturday and our families got to play for a night.

We got to meet Molly's little guy Benjamin for the first time. He is three months and adorable. What a sweet baby.

Saturday was overcast and chilly. There was wading, no swimming. Here, sweet Lucy models the latest in water-wear for almost three year-olds. She later received a wicked yellowjacket sting on her hand, poor girl.

We were determined to capture a frog this weekend as they abound at the cabin just like they did when I was a frog-crazed kid. Even after hunting along the banks and in the canoe, we failed to nab one, despite adding a net to our "gear."

Molly and I have smoked cigars together many times during my visits to her pad when I was single. This weekend when the men busted out the humidor I resisted but eventually joined in the merriment. I don't look like I'm enjoying it, but it was well worth it, as Molly's husband Don brought some choice stoagies. My dad would have been proud. He was always leaving cigar stubs everywhere.

I have gotten to share the cabin with many friends over the years and it was fun to share it with an old college pal now that I'm an adult. Leaving on Sunday when it had gotten sunny and beautiful sucked. But we'll be back!


Anonymous said…
Love the stogie pic. I remember sharing one with you on the porch in Lincoln City when you were in your single, cigar smoking years. and Mollie's little dollies are growing up too. What fun to be close enough to be able to hang at the cabin together. ~m
Maureen said…
I looooove the frog-catching outfit and equipment!

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