Fair or Bust

We hit up the Canby fair yesterday with our pals Donna and Jenna. It was very hot, which made us a bit lethargic, but we enjoyed the usual animal bonding and sightseeing. The girls loved anything newborn, like these darling ducklings and piglets.

My favorites are the llamas! I forget this fellow's name but Diego was there too, (it was so good to see him!) sulking in the corner behind a white Llama named Micky. His pronounced underbite might as well have been uttering, "Sheesh, can't a guy get a little privacy?"

I also like the doves, maybe because of the way they're always cooing in our yard.

Omsi was on site with a cool touch table for the kids to explore.
One of our favorite things to do is hit the children's area. They fill a big area with dried feed corn kernels that the kids can dig and play in. We couldn't find it this year! We were so sad! There is usually an opportunity to make a "Dirt Baby" too but alas, not this year.
Donna is my oldest and dearest friend and this tradition of taking our kids to the fair is one I look forward to every summer.


Anonymous said…
Cute picture of you and Donna Lou. Love your other pics also. Did you see the chickens? I picked out a couple I need to own (the ones with the skinny necks and great hairdos, Phyllis Diller style), a few banty hens, a Flemish rabbit, did you see how big they are, a couple of lop ears, oh and then there are the brown and white ones, and a llama, and a goat, oh where is my farmer man when I need him. I did see the pig and her babes too. I was in the far end of the pig area and heard this constant grunting and finally got to her stall and the babes were all yanking at her. No wonder she was in a mood. I sat and watched a magic show and ate a marionberry shortcake. Didn't make it to the rodeo though. Too many animals to see. Did you see the 4H exhibits. The photography was great as were the home ec projects. ~m

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