Old Friends

When I was pregnant with Julia, my husband and I enrolled ourselves in a birthing class. On the first night of class we discovered that Jenny, an old friend of mine from high school and her husband Chuck were also in the class. I had no idea she was even living around Eugene but here we were, both expecting! Jenny had Carly at the end of May and I had Julia a few weeks later in June. Every once in awhile we got the girls together and chuckled over their unsteady way of leaning on each other as infants and the active frolicking they did as toddlers.

Carly and Julia got to reunite last week as six year-olds at the zoo! Jenny, another good friend Ginger, and I met at the zoo with our kiddos and did almost the whole zoo. The kids got along great and we had fun reminiscing about the good old days of high school and working at Coast Roast Coffee Company in the late '80's. It's nice to have old friends that you can just pick right up with again after not having seen them in a long time.

Avery, Julia, Carly, Riley (Ginger's 21-month-old daughter) and Jenny's four-year-old son Jacob

Jenny, me and Ginge!


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