New Reading Material!

I don't really buy new books. Sure I'll throw them in the cart at Goodwill or order certain ones on Amazon. But most of the time I request the title at the library and wait until it's available. It's a rich system, really. And yet, my in-laws gave me a Powells gift card for my birthday and suddenly I found myself adding great new books to my collection. I love reading them. Why not own the ones I love?

Today was the first day both children were at school at the same time, offering me three hours of time all to myself. I went straight to Powells. I had some credit left on my gift card plus a book to return and a book to sell back. After spending one hour without anyone tugging on me or fighting with their sister, I came out with a stack of six books, new pals that would take me places each evening before bed. I should be set for the rest of the year.


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