Monday, September 21, 2009

A Day With My Mother

My mom and I had a great day together on Saturday. We haven't had a day like that in forever. How did we let that happen?

We had coffee and pedicures from very sweet ladies and came out loving looking at our toes.

We went and saw Julie and Julia, a movie we both adored. (My mom said she thought she had a smile on her face through the whole movie). It was about life and love and finding something that makes you alive. I was so inspired by it. I have since caught an episode of Julia Child on OPB and was captivated by her.

We ate lunch out and did a little browsing and shopping.

Overall, it was just so good. I am LUCKY to have my mother as my mother and to have had time with her on Saturday. Love you mom!

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Anonymous said...

That is a great picture of you and your momma! You are right to treasure those moments. ~m