Julia started first grade Tuesday. She was VERY nervous on her first day. Though she liked her teacher right off the bat, made a few new friends, and adjusted to eating lunch at school, she was still emphatic about how school lasted six hours and that was longer than a really long trip in the car. Over the course of the week it has been easier to wake her up each morning. As we walk to school through the dewy grass her enthusiasm about school and her place there is very evident.

Between jumping back into the school routine with Julia and resuming various playdates and obligations relating to preschool, it has been QUITE A WEEK! Friday afternoon found us all really exausted! To save my sanity I found myself declaring, "QUIET TIME!" This post is brought to you today by that quiet.

Now if we could just sleep in tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said…
That is the sweetest little lst grade picture. Hope the 2nd week is going just as well. ~m

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