For Super Survivors: Sara, Martha and Amy

For the past ten weeks I've been training to run a 5K. As of last week I was able to run for 30 minutes consequetively, about 2.5 miles total, not the complete distance (3.1 miles)of a 5K.

This weekend my husband and I ran the Susan G. Komen 5K! We ran it in honor of our mothers, both breast cancer survivors, and my friend Amy, who is my age and was diagnosed with breast cancer last winter!

It was such a powerful, wonderful experience. You see it all at this event: Women wearing pink marching proud, a lone woman in her late 80's plugging along one step at a time, crowds cheering, supportive husbands skipping around you as you take it at your pace, an i pod offering a background for feet to keep a pace to. I was able to run the whole distance, ammounting to about 46 minutes of jogging non stop.

It was amazing. I'm not planning to stop jogging 5Ks, either.


Melissa Dubal said…
Congrats!! I completed that Breast Cancer 3 Day up in Seattle 2 weekends ago and it was amazing and inspiring (and so very exhausting!!). If I ever feel brave enough to do it again, I will now have 3 more people in mind to spur me on. Good luck with the 5k's!
Anonymous said…
AWESOME, Tia!!! Good for you!!!! love ya, Cornelia sweetie!
Meg aka Cher

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