Saturday, September 26, 2009

Once a FANDY Always a FANDY

Today while Avery's hairbabe Julie was cutting her hair, we were chatting away and I started talking about my brother and how he works for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Julie was like, "Who is your brother..." with this expectant look and when I said Andy she freaked out because she gets a huge kick out of watching him when he's on. It was so funny, she couldn't believe it. It was the first time I had a taste of how famous he has become because he makes many an appearance on that show and Ellen always calls him by name. Often when I watch I will see him running across the screen delivering a tivo to someone in the audience or standing while Ellen pours slime on him or something. He's a great sport. Last week Ellen sent him to the Emmy's in, as he calls them, "Short pants." You can see the clip here. Rich. I even started a FAN CLUB on Facebook called FANDY, Fans of Andy. So far there are 28 members!

Anyway, all this to say my famous little brother turns 32 today. He's always been famous to me. I might add that even with his busy Hollywood life he still reads my little old blog. What better place to wish him a happy birthday than here. Happy Birthday Gilly BOP! LOFF EWE!


Maureen said...

I heart your famous brother!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fANDY! ThANks for sharing the clip!! And Happy B.D. to Andy. Meagan