Podcast Love

My most favorite Podcast is Craft Sanity, a weekly program for those inspired by all things handmade. The host is great about seeking out popular crafters and people with innovative and inspirational stories. I have been able to listen to shows about many creative lives that inspire me, from Amy Karol's (Angry Chicken) to Amanda Soule's (Soule Mama), Alicia Paulson's (Posy Gets Cozy) to Emily Martin's. The Black Apple.

Anyway, It had been awhile since I'd tuned in to Craft Sanity, but just this week I was listening to an older episode, #102, featuring The Beerhorst Family. Theirs is a story worth listening to. Unconventional yet authentic, I admire the choices they've made and the way they're living their lives. YOU GO BEERHORSTS! They have a blog, too! Check it out!

And definitely check out Craft Sanity or all the other podcasts out there. They are totally worth having on in the background as you clean house, walk, or work on a project. That's how the multitaskers roll, you know.


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