A Long Awaited Furniture Upgrade

We recently purchased a new kitchen table from Costco, complete with six chairs. It is an incredibly nice table, made of bamboo! We are loving it. The fabric seats permit less wiggling and escaping from the kids. We also love how it extends on each end, so that if we ever have a huge group of people, we can all sit at the table. Sweet!

We also went and picked out a new couch at Lazyboy. Yep, the old Ikea couch is nearly Goodwill-bound, sniff, sniff. We chose the one pictured in a darker brown, something I know we will love. It's very comfy to me but also to my husband, which is especially exciting because he has a hard time being comfortable in most furniture.

Lastly, as you can see by the picture of Julia's room above, our girls now have bedroom furniture! Gone are the days of hand-me-down dressers than won't open and mattresses sitting on the floor. It all arrived yesterday and was assembled by the delivery men and everything. The timing was funny because I'd just finished finding and buying bedding to match the curtains I'd made as well as making them each comforter covers for their cozy new comforters. It's really all coming together and they LOVE their rooms. I will show some more pictures when they are all finished and put together. The next project will be some kid-made collages to hang on their walls.

We are very very lucky to be able to invest in some new things. We have waited forever to do it, too, which makes us enjoy it all the more.


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