People With a Yard

Check out this tree. Pretty, right? Bonus points if you know the variety. I'm guessing some sort of Larch?

Now in this picture, the sidewalk has been freed of its daily desposit of cones. In a way, it makes you forget the amount of "cones" (I call them phalluses) that drop from this tree. No matter, take a look at the lawn. Virtually blanketed, I tell you.

Of course if this tree is in your yard, then when the sidewalk is teeming with them it's your job to take care of them so you don't receive any sort of correspondence from the HOA, because believe me, we have received correspondence like that, and yeah, it was because of the "cones." The other day, correspondence fresh in my memory, I looked out to survey the yard and saw the amount of cones that had been shaken free of the tree and had to laugh. They covered the sidewalk in a large half circle of bright orange. They will never stop falling. They will need to be picked up for days, weeks, I daresay months until the tree is done.

It is an amazing thing, nature's ability to propagate its species. When we shop for a house, if there's a tree like that in the yard, it will be a deal breaker. Yes! This, coming from someone who LOVES trees.


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