Gimmie a B, Gimmie an O, Gimmie another O! BOO!

On Halloween we carved our pumpkins. I always love seeing the faces they create. Julia's is on the left with the eyelashes and heart-shaped mouth, mine in the middle with the big mouth and Avery's with the arrow-shaped eye. Avery also got to create the face on Daddy's pumpkin, which he had to modify given the small size she made it.
This year we found the girl's costumes at Marshalls. Not a finger was lifted to create them, refreshing for a change. They loved being cheerleaders.
In anticipation for Halloween they practiced their cheers for weeks: "Big G Little O Go, Team!" When the night finally arrived, I took them out for about an hour of trick-or-treating. They were the perfect age for trick-or-treating this year. They marched up to the doors together and everyone in our neighborhood was SO FRIENDLY, oohing and aaahing at their costumes. They came away all smiles telling me what they got. A highlight was trick-or-treating at Teacher Penny's house. They were very excited about that.
They got a good loot, just enough. After they went down my husband and I watched Sleepaway Camp II. Those eighties horror movies were bad, really bad.
And talk about a fright: how about seeing yourself dressed up like this. My costume this year paid homage to the old lady I will one day become. I got to wear it at preschool and to a really fun Halloween party the night before Halloween. Man that wig was hot!


Anonymous said…
You make a swell granny!! Just full of the sass. And I KNEW which pumpkin was yours as soon as I saw it!!! love ya, Cornelia!!! Cher

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