The Scoop on my Supertaster

Julia's big on writing in cursive these days. Or TRYING to write in cursive. I totally remember how when I taught a first/second grade blend the kids were so eager to learn to write in cursive that they were always connecting their letters with swoops and dives of the pencil and saying, "Look, I can write in cursive!" Now that's my kid!(LOVE how she wrote/spelled "GENUIS" at the bottom of the sign on her door.)

Julia has made some great friends this year. One, she talks about all the time. She says things like, "I wonder if________ is getting on the bus," or "_______ and I are dressing like twins tomorrow on twin day because you know how we both have that green t-shirt?" Sure enough, the feelings are mutual because ______called her tonight on the phone to discuss their outfit for tomorrow. Love it!

She has not lost any of her top teeth (just the bottom two). She also finally knows how to tie her own shoes.

And as for the movement towards helping Julia develop more flexible eating habits, we've made progress. Initially, I cooked something new for two weeks and she was required to try it. It felt like we were still doing a lot of cajoling and it was exhausting. With a little help, I revised our plan so that it was officially written out and signed by she and I to include our parameters. Essentially I cook whatever the heck I want every night (one meal, people!) and every time Julia takes her required bite without someone asking her to, she gets a sticker on her chart. It's been very successful in liberating my meal planning and her palate. Some people do not have to deal with this, some people are saying, "WHAT? That's ridiculous!" This is the reality of my child. New things frighten her. I have not enabled or empowered her to try new things. Now I am, and she is. (Very gingerly, but still....) It's nice to sit down at the table where the understanding is that she will be trying what is on her plate. It can translate to new experiences, and will at the Thanksgiving table, too. Though it seems that it's something that is getting a lot of attention even by my writing about it, really, it isn't any more. It used to be a big deal but it isn't any more. In time, I want her to eat more on her plate, but with Julia, I need to move at her pace and not force it. She just started her chart over again last night after finishing her first 15 days and receiving a meal of her choice which she also got to prepare with me: waffles. Then, the next night it was back to the plan. You should have seen her face when the Indian Salmon went in......


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