Life on Planet Sicko, The Update

Well, after Avery had been sick a week and I had another conversation with the advice nurse this morning, I took Avery into the pediatrician to see what exactly we were dealing with. I always feel better after seeing the pediatrician, my worries dissipate and I know it will all be okay.

Her symptoms were fairly mild last week as far as just having a low fever and being tired and having some soreness in her head, legs. The fever completely disappeared for awhile but then came back and wiped her out again over the weekend. After hearing how her week had gone he deduced that she had H1N1 but her lungs were clear so there were no secondary infections. He said it should last another day or two and figured it was too late to treat. He said if she didn't have any secondary infections at this point, there wouldn't be any. He said she shouldn't get worse. She hasn't. No more fever. She has a wicked cough. He said that she should not need to be vaccinated against it.

I told him that last week she woke up on either Thursday or Friday and was walking on her toes. It was too painful for her to walk with her heels down. Apparently the sore calves are textbook H1N1. For some reason, that strain of Influenza is linked with soreness in that particular muscle. Isn't that interesting? Poor hobbling little influenza-stricken girl.

I am amazed Julia hasn't shown any signs of getting it. Who knows if she will? The doctor said some families are all hit hard, and some families only have a few victims. So. If Julia gets it the loveliness will be prolonged yet another seven days or more, and then I will be all awash with worry over how it will play out with her as her asthma makes it more sketchy for her to get. Maybe, just maybe, she will not get it, I can vaccinate her, and we can be done with all of this.

After getting home from the doctor I had a wicked headache. I sometimes get migraines and have some meds I take that can get rid of it. I took one of those, but this time, the headache did not leave and I threw up four different times over the course of the evening. AWFUL. I hate feeling like that and I hadn't for so long. Usually if it's a migraine it reacts to that medicine, but maybe I took it too late, maybe it didn't stay in my body long enough, maybe it wasn't a migraine. I was so thankful my husband came home and completely took over. Those headaches wipe me out!

I'm SOOO ready for things to be back to normal and especially ready to see Avery return to her usual self.


Anonymous said…
Oh you poor thing. Sick children are enough to deal with let alone not feeling well yourself. I hope you will all be well soon. ~m

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