Loving What you DO

Secret Hideaway by Johanna Wright

On OPB's Oregon Art Beat last week, there was a piece on Johanna Wright, a Portland area children's author and illustrator whose book we've coincidentally checked out of the library in the last few months. To think Johanna Wright makes her living writing and illustrating kid's books, inspires me! Hello, dream job!

I have heard several times recently that to find a true career path in line with your interests, you must look at the things you loved when you were seven. At seven, Johanna Wright wanted to make children's books. And now, she's doing it. Success for her wasn't instantaneous but she stuck with it and now she's doing it. Her fears never became a barrier to doing what she dreamed of doing. As Johanna said on her blog, "Our fears are just gems covered in mud, and it's our job in this life to find them and clean them off."

There are examples everywhere of people who followed their dreams and are making a living. Keep your eye on Johanna Wright. She's really something. Keep your eye on me, too. Inspired, I'm getting in touch with my inner seven-year-old to make sure that I'm not letting fears get in the way of possibilities.


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