Monday, November 30, 2009


We had the finest Thanksgiving ever this year at the cabin. The only bummer was that my dad was not there, but of course he was there in spirit and in all the stories. We made a Happy Thanksgiving sign to add to the festivity.
The eating was good, and I overdid it on the sugar big time. It was all because of Meghann's tarts.
It was fun to bond with Meg. We did two girl power hikes, one on the only day it rained while the guys were golfing/mountain climbing, and one when it was dry.
This is my mom out in the canoe getting high on nature. She was especially excited to sit and commune with the resident bald eagle. It swooped in many times to excite us!

At one point on the trail there was a little area of water that looked like it was bubbling. It ended up being a little community of active tadpoles that we captured for the girls to play with and then returned to the exact spot. They were SO THRILLED with that.
In this shot they are looking at them as I held them up in a jar.

We had a family talent show on the last night. It was AWESOME. The highlight was Meg and Julia's dance/song. My husband played Blackbird on the guitar and I "sang" a bit, Andy danced and sang to Neil Diamond with Avery, my mom told a story, and Ry and his gal sang "The Gambler." It was awesome entertainment. We also bowled (as predicted) on the birthday boy's (above) birthday.

I am so thankful for my family, for the fact that we have that cabin set in the beautiful wilds of Washington to retreat to and bond in, and just that in this life, we have one another to be lucky about. Life is good.

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